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14. 12 2012: Easier to rent out your holiday home

New figures from Statistics Denmark show that the number of overnight stays in rented homes rose 2% in September compared with the same month last year. It is primarily Danish tenants who have more of, while Norwegians, Swedes and Germans are close behind.

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13. 12 2012: 49 burglaries in holiday houses solved

 Løgstør: In the fall, there was a spate of burglaries in homes by Ertebølle and Trend, but with the arrest and detention of three men aged 18 to 20 years disappeared the intruders from the area in early November.

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08. 10 2012: Good late summer for holiday home rentals

Late summer was good for the country holiday home owners who would rent their homes to tourists. New figures from Statistics Denmark show that in August 2011 was 2.3 million nights in rented Danish homes, which is an increase of 10 percent compared to the same month a year earlier.
Source: TV2

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28. 08 2012: Holiday home owners at Lønstrup will pay for sand nourishment to prevent their homes fall into the water

556 holiday home owners north of Lønstrup being the first ready to pay for sand nourishment. In this way they hope to avoid their holiday homes go into the ocean.
Source: TV2NORD

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07. 08 2012: More and more Danes want to rent their summer house out

Just published figures from Statistics Denmark for holiday rental for June 2012 shows that more and more Danes want to rent their home out. In the first half of 2012 offered the Danish summer homeowners their vacation home for rent in 552,225 weeks. This corresponds to an increase of 9% compared to 2007 (before the crisis)
Source: Nordea

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28. 07 2012: The danes "rescue" the holiday season

For the first time in many decades, there are just as many Danes as Germans who rent holiday homes in Denmark in high season. That is in July and the first half of August. TV2 News.

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08. 06 2012: Analysis: Good to be the owner of a holiday house

If you are concerned about the economy of owning a home, there is good news. A depressed market and record low interest rates make it a historically good business to own home, if you are willing to rent it out part of the year.

A new analysis from Nordea shows that by renting his home out 20 weeks a year to recover more than 80 per cent. of the cost of owning the house. And then you have it for themselves the remaining 32 weeks for only 20 per cent. the cost.
Source: Børsen

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25. 05 2012: Fewer burglaries in holiday house

New statement from the National Police show that the number of burglaries in homes has fallen sharply in 2012. Holiday home owners' own efforts through borgernetvækog neighborhood watch is one of the reasons.
Source: Berlingske

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27. 03 2012: New agreement means mobile broadband in the summer house areas

There will soon be better internet coverage in many of the country cottage areas where broadband coverage today lags. 99.8% of all households, businesses and homes should be covered by the mobile broadband by the end of 2015.Aftalen covers almost the whole county, the majority of Lolland, coastal areas of the North-West and South Zealand, areas along the west coast, large parts of North Jutland, Jutland and Bornholm
Source: FBnet

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13. 01 2012: Summer house owners get a good rental season - 100,000 vacation weeks in 2012 booked already

Statistics Denmark's latest figures for holiday rental from November shows that already at that time had pre-ordered 97,800 weeks in Danish homes during 2012. This is an increase of 4 percent compared with a year earlier. The Danes will also cottage German tourists account for about 70 percent of the bookings and the number is growing. But even more Danes and Swedes have ordered cottage holidays this year compared to 2011.
Source: Politiken

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03. 01 2012: Holiday homeowners fingers crossed before the new storm

Holiday house owners along the North Jutland's west coast crosses ii these days fingers when a new storm threatens to hit the area during the day. With the storm from last month fresh in the memory, then all stops to prevent the worst damage, among other things, in the summerhouse area at Nørlev who have been hit hard.
Source: TV2

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