Advantages of private rental of holiday homes


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Advantages of private rental of holiday homes 

Holiday Homes Denmark - owner directly to the tenant

A large and growing proportion of the private holiday home owners in Denmark choose to rent their home rather than holiday rentals through an agency. Some of the main reasons why more and choose to stand for holiday letting is out of our dialogue with the private holiday home rentals below.

It is very much on flexibility, opportunity even to use the cottage, to be able to decide who rents the cottage and when financial savings for private holiday rentals, the Internet is belevet væsntlig easier to get in touch with potential home tenants .

By renting his cottage private determines an owner at any time, even the week you want to use the cottage and the weeks you wish to rent. By cottage rental through an agency must be obtained in advance renounce himself to use the cottage a large part of the season or year, while the private rental landlord 100% can decide which week you yourself want to use the cottage.

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