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General Terms of Advertising 

About Private Holiday Homes Denmark (SommerhusFerie Danmark)
Private Holiday Homes Denmark is an Internet-based ad portal where you as a private landlord or rental agency has the opportunity to advertise your holiday property for rent.

Private Holiday Homes Denmark is not a rental agency and operates exclusively as - and has sole task to be - provider of contact between you as advertiser and each tenant.

Private Holiday Homes Denmark does in no way participate in the conclusion of lease agreements between you as advertiser and the tenants, and we can not under any circumstances be held responsible for the contents of a lease or failure to comply with a lease, that you as a landlord has concluded with a tenant.

Private Holiday Homes Denmark is owned and operated by Pipeline Management, VAT number: 25169697, Saltum Strandvej 187, DK-9493 Saltum |Lille Strandvej 18 L, DK-2900 Hellerup.

Setting up an account
By setting up an account as a landlord and advertiser on Private Holiday Homes Denmark, you agree that these terms apply to your use of the service we provide on

In order to establish yourself as an advertiser on Private Holiday Homes Denmark, you must be the owner of at least one holiday home or represent an agency.

It is not permitted at Private Holiday Homes Denmark to announce the annual rent or other rental that does not have the rental of properties for holiday purposes to do.

When establishing please provide your permanent address, and you are committed to maintain your address information throughout your subscription period.

Private Holiday Homes Denmark is entitled to reject advertisers with which we do not desire cooperation.

Exchange of information
Communication between you and us is primarily via the e-mail address you have provided to us. Is there a need for it, telephone communication could also be used, for example in answering user questions, support, etc.

As a landlord, you are required to maintain your e-mail information, so we always are able to send e-mails to an active email address.

You agree that we may use your email to send you information about updates and new initiatives on Private Holiday Homes Denmark.

Advertising on Private Holiday Homes Denmark
You guarantee that you only rent out holiday homes, that you are the owner of or that you control i releation to rental by agreement with the owner.

You are solely responsible for the accuracy of all of your on announced information, including the pictures of your vacation rentals that appear on Private Holiday Homes Denmark.

You guarantee that you only use the material and information that you have all the necessary rights to use them at Private Holiday Homes Denmark.

It is possible to insert a link to your own personal website, provided it contains relevant information about the property. It is not allowed to link to another holiday portal.

The advertising is annual subscription to one or more ads.

The price including VAT shown in our price list, which you can find on the website.

Free trial subscription
You are entitled to a trial, if you have not previously advertised on Private Holiday Homes Denmark.

Trial subscription entitles the advertiser to one year of free advertising on Private Holiday Homes Denmark. Before the end of the free period we will contact you to ask if you want to continue your subscription to normal.

You may cancel your trial subscription by closing your ad on Private Holiday Homes Denmark before trial period.

Plain subscription
A subscription paid in advance for a 12 month period.

Subscription runs until terminated.

Last timely payment is 14 days after the invoice date.

You have the option to unsubscribe from day to day by disabling your ad when you are logged into the landlord's administration module. Alternatively, by sending an e-mail to

Upon termination of the subscription within a 12 month period, repayment is not a proportionate share of the subscription fee.

Private Holiday Homes Denmark may at any time terminate a subscription with 8 days notice. After expiry of the termination disabled ad, and there is a refund of a proportion of the subscription fee.

Contact Customer Service
If you need help or support, please feel free to contact us at the email address or by using the link "Contact us" when you are logged into Lessor's administration module on Private Holiday Homes Denmark.

You are also welcome to contact us if you have any suggestions, for example. great ideas for new features or anything you think could be improved on Private Holiday Homes Denmark. Please use the email address

Responsibilities and guarantees
Advertising is at your own risk. As an advertiser you are solely responsible for all the advertised information about your property, including that prices and availability are accurate.

Private Holiday Homes Denmark assumes no responsibility for failure rental of your property, and we assume no responsibility for any lack of availability of

We assume no responsibility for any errors on the page, but strive naturally to correct any errors as soon as possible after we have become aware of them.

In connection with the maintenance and updating of strive to ensure that this takes place at times when the genes in relation to our users are minimized.

Private Holiday Homes available around the clock, but we can not guarantee the availability around the clock 365 days a year. Our goal is 100% availability, but we do not guarantee it.

Private Holiday Homes Denmark can not be held responsible for any loss of data. We recommend that you make sure you secure your copy of all your data, so you can quickly restore them.

Private Holiday Homes Denmark. can not be held liable for the tax consequences in connection with the rental of your property. We shall not reporting to the SKAT and you are yourself responsible for proper tax treatment of your information.

It is your responsibility to save the necessary documentation to the tax authorities in connection with your advertising, and you are aware that rental income is taxable income.

Information is only provided to SKAT if SKAT has explicit statutory authority to require the information in question.

As a result of that we are not a rental agency, we do not have responsibility for your rental comply with the applicable law of owner.

You may be liable for losses caused by infected files you upload to Private Holiday Homes Denmark and other actions taken by your login, which may cause us damage.

Private Holiday Homes Denmark without notice and without liability right to remove your ads if through your advertising is a violation of the rights of third parties, if the ad or your rental conditions do not comply with applicable law, including fair trading practices, or if tenants repeatedly complaining about you as landlord.

Private Holiday Homes Denmarkn Denmark for you can on no basis exceed the amount that you pay an annual subscription.

You agree to indemnify us for any claim by any third party due to your circumstances, including breach of these terms.

Changes and maintenance
Private Holiday Homes Denmark may without notice make updates and changes to These Terms may be amended by a notice of 3 months. Changes alerted via e-mail.

Any price changes will apply from next redrawing of your subscription.

Any dispute arising out of  "General Terms of Advertising on Private Holiday Homes Denmark", the use of our service at Private Holiday Homes Denmark or interpretation of these terms shall be settled by the district court in Hellerup in first instance.

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